What a Gorgeous Evening on Bailey Island!

Bailey Island 7-22-15-01

Bailey Island in Harspwell is a gorgeous coastal destination any time of year.  Readers may recall a trip I made there in early spring of this year.  However, that excursion totally paled in comparison to Wednesday night’s outing.  Were the conditions perfect?  Not exactly.   The cloud cover was not quite enough to create a dramatic sky, but I have to keep reminding myself:  it’s not about the photo; it’s the overall experience that matters.

Bailey Island 7-22-15-02Must be yellow kayak season in Maine

Parking my car at Prince’s Point on the Orr’s Island side of the Cribstone Bridge, I biked several miles north and then several miles south to Land’s End and couldn’t travel more than a quarter mile without seeing something that caught my eye.  There was an abundance of beautiful light illuminating bold colored boats, kayaks and buildings.

Bailey Island 7-22-15-10

 Bailey Island 7-22-15-09

People were lined up on the Cribstone Bridge’s walkway to watch the sunset and I felt guilty asking them to move so I could maneuver my bicycle across the narrow path.

Bailey Island 7-22-15-03

Once again the bike proved to be an asset as I passed by a couple of colorful Adirondack chairs basking in the sun’s glow.  It looked like a nice scene but I initially passed it up – until I saw a sailboat approaching.  I stopped on a dime, left the bike on someone’s front lawn and hustled down to the water’s edge to get the shot.  Not so easy to do when you’re traveling by car.

Bailey Island 7-22-15-04

A recent article I read suggested that a good way to improve one’s landscape photography is to move closer to an iconic location.  This way, the photographer can return over and over to his/her favorite setting and capture the scene under different lighting and atmospheric conditions, as well as altering the perspective, until completely satisfied with the result.

Bailey Island 7-22-15-06Click on photo to see a larger version

Bailey Island 7-22-15-08


Bailey Island 7-22-15-07

I’m not totally happy with last night’s images so I’ll return again soon.   That’s the beauty of living in Maine.  The whole state is chock full of iconic locations.  Do-overs are easy.

Bailey Island 7-22-15-05

The long exposure and lens aperture combination create a starbust effect from the cresent moon for this shot of the Lobsterma’s memorial at Land’s End.  A little help from my cellphone flashlight to light up the foreground.

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