It’s Official

I now deem springtime officially here as I saw the first Snowy Egret in Scarborough Marsh bright and early this morning.  It’s in for a BIG surprise overnight as the forecast calls for up to a foot of heavy, wet snow.  Then again, it is called a “Snowy” Egret so it just might welcome this uninvited April Fools storm.

I’ve been studying up on the art of bird photography.  I’m presently in the “I don’t know that I don’t know” stage but I am having fun learning.  The best advice I’ve been given so far is “walk softly and carry a big lens”.  Bigger may be better, but it’s also more challenging.  Getting tack sharp bird images requires good technique, the right equipment, and lots of practice.  I’m not there yet so I don’t’ expect National Geographic to be calling me anytime soon.

Fortunately, I have a bird haven just down the street from my home – as well as a very active feeder in my backyard.  There’s no want for subject matter in this neck of the woods.  In fact, my backyard feeder is swarmed with birds daily and their healthy appetites require constant replenishing of the seed.  Somehow the word must have spread throughout the feathered community that the party is at my house.

I look forward to honing my skills in this very popular genre of photography.  If the snow ever stops, maybe I’ll get a chance to practice some more soon.


One thought on “It’s Official

  1. We go through 50 pounds of seed in a week in a half here too. The mental images from watching our feathered friends is so relaxing that I can imagine what you close up ability does for the brain! Good luck with all the new toys you will need to capture those images Dan…

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