Can’t We Just All Get Along

Ducks have taken up residence at the pond near my home.  Neighbors have reported sighting some baby ducklings and so I took a walk over this morning hoping to spot the happy family.  It appeared that mom and dad were home but I could not locate their offspring.  Perhaps they were packed off to ducky daycare so as to give their parents a brief respite.  Perhaps they were still asleep and tucked away quietly in amongst the shoreline weeds and cat tails.

Other birds frequented the pond as the early morning sun began to warm the cool morning air.  All seemed to be existing in perfect harmony until one “bad hombre” showed up and rocked the boat.  His presence was immediately detected by the daddy duck who claimed first “dibs” on both the pond and the mama duck.  Invoking the Stand Your Ground law inherent with nature, the resident male confronted the unwelcome intruder and after a brief stare down, fisticuffs ensued.

The action was fast and furious and lasted all of about three seconds.  I fired off about 25 frames in rapid succession but never captured the knockout blow.  Maybe it was a phantom punch reminiscent of the Ali-Liston fight held in Lewiston, Maine over 50 years ago.  Regardless, the intruding menace flew off, ego bruised, and peace was restored.


2 thoughts on “Can’t We Just All Get Along

  1. If only we could all just have our little “tiffs” and squabbles and move back to living again. These slights turned into grudges and even charges are not for me. I see it the ducks’ way. I so enjoyed seeing your visit to Kenya and Tanzania. Your photography made me feel like I was present there. I do feel my mind changed too. The parks and preserves are incredibly important to them and valuable. You have a wonderful concise way of writing about your trip, calling attention to your special and light-spirited way of looking at life with appreciation and humor.

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