I Didn’t Have the Foggiest

The camera is a tool for learning how to see without a camera” – Dorothea Lange

I recently stumbled upon another inspiring photographer who publishes video blogs.  His name is Sean Tucker and he is a former priest turned professional photographer at the age of 30.  His videos focus more on the philosophy and art of photography rather than its technical aspects.  He submits that even a novice with entry level gear, but who has artistic vision, will make more captivating images than a person armed with the latest technology but who lacks such vision.

I think I have better than average artistic vision – as long as I can see where I’m going – and that has been a challenge along the Maine coast the past several days.  Early mornings have been shrouded in fog and yesterday was particularly “soupy”.  I drove out to Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse in South Portland twice just after sunrise and learned at least one valuable lesson: don’t forget to put a memory card in the camera.  On Thursday I arrived at the lighthouse just as the heaviest fog bank began to dissipate, put my photographic vision into high gear, composed the shot and pressed the shutter button only to receive the dreaded error message “no card in camera”.  I had been traveling light as I was on my way to work and left my full camera bag – with a stack of memory cards – at home.  No time to double back and get to work on time, I rescheduled the shoot for the next day and Mother Nature obliged by turning on the fog machine one more time.

As the bicycling season gets ready to kick off, I hope to do plenty of riding and “seeing” in the upcoming months.  Maybe I’ll stash an extra memory card in my bicycle tool bag – just in case.


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