The Fall Guy

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June is my favorite month of the year.  I love the long daylight hours and how the green vegetation coats the landscape.  October is my second favorite month.  Peak foliage is a photographer’s dream come true and I like the fact that all four major sports leagues are in action.  I particularly enjoy baseball’s World Series.

A wrong turn in Buxton led me to this scene

That’s why I was conflicted over leaving Maine in October for a three week trip to Australia and New Zealand.  Not only would I miss the height of the leaf-peeping season, for the first time since 1960 I would not get to watch one minute of the World Series – except for some video highlights via the internet and a few blurbs on Australian television.  Of course, since the Red Sox were eliminated from the playoffs shortly before my departure, missing the Series wasn’t all that painful.  Having to forego peak foliage time was a little more difficult to swallow.

Just off the Blue Trail in Rines Forest in Cumberland

Prepping for a three week trip didn’t leave much time for photography but I did manage to get out on the morning before we left.  Websites categorized southern Maine at about 60-70% peak color and I spent time in Buxton, Limerick and Cumberland in search of the reds, yellows and oranges that make October spectacular.

Somewhere in Limerick

The outing also offered me the opportunity to use one of my favorite photography accessories – purchased at Wal-Mart, no less: a cheap pair of rubber boots to wade into shallow waters.  If you want viewers to get a true “feel” of the scene being captured, you have to jump into the scene feet first yourself.  Waterproof boots help.

The Limerick Rapids

I may have missed peak foliage this year but I can’t complain too much.  I came back with some once in a lifetime photographs from Australia and New Zealand.  The leaves will turn color in Maine again next year and for many years thereafter.  Count on me being here.

An angler fishes the Saco River

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