Leaf Peeping

Lake Chocorua, New Hampshire

Now that I’m retired, I suppose that qualifies me as an official “leaf peeper”.  However, until my hair turns completely white or totally disappears, I refuse to board a tour bus with other senior citizens to view nature’s autumn spectacle in the White Mountains, the Catskills or the Adirondacks.  That day will come soon enough but for now I still prefer to take in the fall foliage by bicycle or hiking boots.

Albany Covered Bridge, New Hampshire

This year I made it a point to not only travel to my favorite destinations but also on some roads that I have never been on before.  Part of what prompted me to seek new surroundings was something that a friend of mine recently posted on Facebook.  It said: “don’t let your age control your lifestyle; let your lifestyle control your age”.  Now that I’ve reached what is likely the final third of my life, I’m feeling the need, more and more, to experience new sights and adventures. I have a lot of the world left to see – including what’s in my backyard – and I hope see it.

The new Dunstan Crossing Trail near my home

Unfortunately, it won’t happen in the very near future as I am currently a “stay at home husband” caring for my wife who just had significant back surgery and a dog that is still recuperating from an operation to repair a torn ACL in her rear leg.  The bike and hiking shoes aren’t going anywhere soon but I’m not complaining.  My two girls will be back to health by New Years and I look forward to when we can be out and about together once again.

Somewhere near the Scarborough-Buxton line
Along the Ossipee River just over the New Hampshire border from Maine

Spending more time at home has offered me the opportunity to peruse my favorite photography websites with more regularity and this week I stumbled upon a very thought provoking quote.  The photographer said:  “if you want to impress me, don’t tell me HOW you took the picture, tell me WHY you took it”.

In photography and other endeavors, sometimes “know-why” is better than “know-how”.

Canoeing on Lake Chocorua
Biking on this road in Buxton, I wasn’t exactly “lost” but doubtful I could find it again.



3 thoughts on “Leaf Peeping

  1. Your photos are amazing! I really enjoyed looking at all of them.
    They are just breath taking. Keep up the good work, and enjoy every
    moment of your travels

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