Be Open

Dunstan Crossing Pond just down the street from my home

Common complaints among photographers include: “there’s nothing to shoot; the light sucks; I don’t feel inspired”.  It’s a rabbit hole I’ve found myself in many times and the only way out is to grab the camera and photograph something, anything.

Streetlight as seen from my front porch

One exercise often assigned to photography students is to capture images within close proximity of one’s home.  The goal is to see everyday subjects in a different light or perspective in hopes of creating something appealing from the mundane.   I took on that self-assignment recently.  I’ll let you be the judge of the images’ visual appeal.

Early morning sun casts a shadow of the antique bottle sitting on our windowsill
The lamp in our spare bedroom takes on a whole new look at the right time of day
The front door curtains project a pattern on the adjacent coat closet
One of the many blue bottles that my wife collects
Blue bottles assembled into a stained glass piece adorn one of our windows

The bicycling season hasn’t ended for me yet, although some rides have been rather chilly.  Nevertheless, they afford me the opportunity to check in with my feathered friend, a Great Blue Heron, who seems determined to weather the cold at Scarborough Marsh.  I’ve had mixed reports whether he/she will survive the winter.  Some have told me that this heron may be the same bird that spent all of last winter at the marsh, while others have reported that its chances for survival are slim.  Time will tell.

Scarborough Marsh’s determined heron

As I look to 2019 I’m not setting any specific photography goal.  Rather, I’m taking the advice of my favorite photographer who professes that only two words are necessary to become a better photographer:  “be open”.  In other words, don’t seek images; let them come to you.  Embrace them when they do.  That’s my plan.

An equally determined pooch at Pine Point

I wish all of my readers a wonderful holiday season and a very happy new year!

Can’t pass through York without stopping at Nubble Lighthouse – especially at Christmas time



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